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8-Bit Author Tournament

"Ready to Fight!" 8-Bit Author Tournament originally started Early 2016 as an open-ended comic where authors could create/use created characters to fight in one-on-one battles. Today, the comic has evolved into its own kind of experience, featuring new faces, old locations, and questions better left unanswered.

So you think you can enter the arena?

Welcome to 8-Bit Author Tournament. Whether you're looking to practice making comics, or you're a comic veteran looking for some fun, you've come to the right place. But before you can get to kicking butt and taking names, there are a few steps you need to follow so that you're well-off and on your way to working with others to make some amazing adventures!

Now, in order to even become an author, you need to put in a co-author application. You can do this by visiting the profile page or by clicking here when you're ready.
Please be sure to, when you are entering, put a bio for your character that will be used for the Characters page, sprites (if you have them; if you don't do sprite art and prefer a different variety of art, Brawl can usually handle sprites), and why you would want to enter. We recommend putting these when you enter the comic, so that Brawl doesn't have to chase you down until you have them.
Powers, moves, and abilities are all entirely up to the player, but please, don't purposely make your characters overpowered/underpowered and expect to enter a tournament. Be smart on how your character plays. (This also helps when making a character in the first place, so remember this!)
If you made it, Brawl will send you links to the sprite showcase so you can get all the sprites needed to make your comics, as well as the Discord (if you're not on already) and access to the author-exclusive chat so you can get to know your soon-to-be opponents.

Congrats, now you've entered the comic! There's a few things you can do from here:

* Make an intro comic showing your character entering the lobby. This is obvious, because your character can't interact with anyone else unless you're in the comic somewhere.
* Visit the Practice Area, where you can meet other fighters and practice your abilities. Who knows, you might even get some plot in there!
* Enter an available Tourney. These are displayed on the Events page, so you might want to check that out.

If you decide on that last option, there are a few things that need to be done before and during the comic making between you and your partner(s):

* When a tournament begins, Brawl will announce the position of the players. The 2 players will have about a few weeks to decide the following:
1. Decide on a stage. The stage can be from any 8-bit game, whether it's from the NES era or from something recent. Feel free to discuss with your opponent what stage you would want to use. Whatever you choose, be sure to credit the original creator/ripper for the backgrounds!
2. Begin a match. Include something to get the fight started, if you would like. Either player can start the battle, so communicate with your partner for who would like to make the first comic.

Finally, some things to keep in mind whenever you're making comics:

* Be aware when posting content with coarse language, blood and gore, and related mature content. I can't say don't do it, because if no-one does it, someone's going to do it (most likely Brawl); just be aware and try not to include stuff that's too violent.
* If you're in a tournament, be active! Comics are posted between the 2 authors, so not posting a comic within 2 months time will result in disqualification from the tourney (unless you have communicated with your partner and Brawl if you have something that will restrict you from finishing a comic).

And with that out of the way, these are all of the rules! Remember, when you're ready, enter on the profile page or right here.

(If something's missing, let either Brawl or any of the other authors know.)



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